FOR SALE By Owner: 805-637-9748
ONLY BY OWNER - The Broker Has it for sale at $79,000


San Juan Islands await you. Just got back. San Juan Island, Fri Harbor, Roach Harbor,
Orcas Island, Deer Harbor and Rosario Resort, Cypress Island, Lopez Island, Sturart Island,
Victoria Island, Canada. Anacortes, Port Angeles, Neah Bay.
Tons of fun. Had the vessel there for over 3 months.

UPDATE - New Deal

OK, WA, was fun but that party is over. I am bringing the boat to San Diego
and will be there early July 2017.

I am now in Morro Bay, Calif, and will be in Santa Barbara soon.
Then on to San Diego, after fishing the Channel Islands.

I have new tropical looking curtains in the master berth.

1981 CHB 41' Trawler 44' overall. Really runs great, by owner
Depending on how nice a job you do, it can increase price with some TLC.
I have the varnish, paint, etc. on board. Makes a great liveaboard or family,
cruiser, fish, explore. Adding acouch and more to interior saloon whould also be good.

It does need some paint and varnish on the outside but I want it as close to perfect
so i will be doing this on a daily basis and the price will go up.
These vessels are well sought after extremenly sea worthy. I am bringing it from
WA State to San Diego and I have gone over 1100 miles, no problem.
A boat you can count on. Many people get confused about their given names. Marine Trader,
CHB, North Sea, Puget Trawler, La Paz, Roughwater, DeFever, Albin, Hershine, Universal, to name a few.
These are great cruising vessels at bargan prices. You can find 36' Trawlers for $300,000.
Spending less then $90,000 for this vessel really good cruising vessel is a
serious bargain if it is good condition. My vessel is in great
condition and getting better in the cosmetics. From the Grand Banks series they resemble, is the
high, flared, round bow and the curving bow on the bridge. Grand Banks have a straight stem
and no flare, which gives them a sharper "V" look. This vessel has beautifu teak sliding doors,
teak rails, really nice and beautiful teak deck, in really great shape. That is a serious
plus. This vessel has been well taken care of. This price will not be around long. I will have the vessel
in San Diego very soon, buy end of July 2017. Then my work begin's and the price will go up
the more work I do. Buy it now and do the work and have summer fun. Work and fish, San Diego, Mexico.

I am doing it right, the way it is supposed to be done and it takes time. I have a good start
on a lot of the sanding. Both cabin doors are ready to be varnished.
I could have them ready in an hour, THEY ARE THAT CLOSE TO BEING VARNISHED.
CASH OUT RIGHT NOW $63,500 No broker. . . and do some sanding, painting, whatever and save $20,000 or more. Meaning this vessel should sell for at least $98,000 or more once it is completed. Mechanically excellant. Just needs some TLC on paint, etc. You
can also make some changes inside, up to you. Your livaboard or family fun.
Let the friends and family help. You could take this vessel anywhere. It is a solid
built for Alaska vessels. I have cruised it over 1,000 miles since Jun1st, 2017 and from WA State headed to San Diego. Solid solid vessel. Built for stout. Sips fuel. I think 1,000 mile range.



805-637-9748 OR sundaymorning2@hotmail.com

Leave a message.

Have fun do some sanding in your spare time, and she will be worth $89K-$100K plus.
Depending on how nice I or you make her.
She runs great with low hours. Never a problem for me.
Previously owned by a local Yacht Club Commodore
for 8 years and very well taken care of.
Previous owner had over $140,000 in her. Always kept in excellant condition.

I bought it about a couple years ago
(the folks got older and some health problems and needed to sell.
I believe that a week or
two of good work can make this baby look like new.
Same with me, I am getting older 77 and now I need to do other things.
She is not bad right now. Runs like a champ. Mechanically really good. Low hours.
See way below for the currant Survey. . .
I'll take $65,000 for fast sale. No broker fees. MAKE OFFER.

NOW $63,500 BY OWNER ONLY and that can change at any time now
and will as I do more work on her.

(1) - 41' 1981 CHB TRAWLER
$63,500 at present and subject to change at any time.

Broker has it at $79k But I have no contract with them.
The fun awaites you, San Diego , Mexico, fishing, diving, family, liveaboard.

BY OWNER ONLY. . . . .




BUY BY NOW FOR $63,500

It is on it's way to San Diego as of today June 14th.
Will be in San Diego by end of this month June, 2017.

41' CHB Trawler Type - can be great live-a-board.
Try to call me and if you can 805-637-9748 leave a
message as we may not get calls available all the time.

If you are seeking a very solid, runs great, go anywhere starts great and a vessel that will get
you where you want to go, this is it. You would have to look really hard
and get very lucky to make a better financial deal on a boat like this.
The engines starts Every Time, Effortless,
just push the button and it starts. Both engines are the same (120 Ford Lehman) and runs great.
I would take this vessel anywhere if I had the time.
ALL boats need to be serviced and taken care of. This vessel has really been taken
of and always will as long as I owned it and also the preveous owner.

The Boat has been in Poulsbo, Washington State
and not easy to get to the boat as often as I would like.
I have had it to the: San Juan Islands, Canada and down the Pacific Coast
on it's way to San Diego, Calif.


By the way please scroll all the way to the bottom as there is more items for sale.

There is a name on the starboard upper sides but I started to take off name on the port side,
I was going to rename with "Santana". So you can rename or keep name the same no big deal.
Paint needed would take a week or two or less by myself but no time now as I am headed back to California tomorrow.
Lower hull paint 3 years old and in great shape. Just had the diver clean the bottom and add all new zincs.
Yes it needs a bit of paint here and there on the upper house.
But doors are ready for varnish now.

Galley - - - - - New GPS Upper Bridge- - - - Upper bridge controls/gages
saloon forward - - some electronics - - Steering wheel and switches

Master Bed- - - - - Diesel Heater Stainless- - - Shower/tub


Aft deck - Now has 10 cu. ft freezer on upper mid deck.
9' West Marine Dingy with NEW 8 HP 4 stroke, 4 hours or less.



The right lower picture does not show, but the teak around
the front of the upper house has been redone with 6 coats of varnish.
Sill needs some white paint around the windows.

Complete local weather system.









- - - Last Survey Below - - -

1981 CHB Tri-Cabin trawler 41 ft. - 44' ft overall. Currant Survery

Prepared exclusively for: Mr. Client

Scope of the Survey

Acting at the request of “Mr. Charles ”, an in the water condition and valuation survey was conducted on the “Nauti Gal” , a 1981 Tri-Cabin trawler 41 ft.. 45' overall yacht, while it was moored at Liberty Bay Marina, Poulsbo, WA. Mr. Charles was not present during the inspection. Hull identification number CBH410550881, located on stbd. transom was verified as correct and recorded in this survey.

The vessel was carefully examined and tested in the reasonably accessible areas of the hull exterior above the waterline, hull interior and through hull fittings below the waterline where accessible, main strength members, decks, bulkheads, partitions, overhead panels, engine compartment, exterior surfaces of tanks, void and storage spaces, wheelhouse and fly bridge to include navigation electronics powered up, electrical and safety systems, firefighting equipment, galley and galley equipment, heating system(s), heads, and cabin arrangements, by probing, hammering, visual, and power up inspections without boring or removing any permanent parts or fixtures. No machinery, pumps, tanks, pipelines, electrical or bonding systems was run or opened up with tools for internal inspection within this survey, therefore no reference or information should be construed to indicate evaluation of the internal conditions of the engine, electrical, tanks, or auxiliary systems. This vessel was surveyed without the removal of any instruments, parts, fittings, anchors, chain, permanently attached boards, overheads, panels or partitions. Electrical and electronic equipment was examined for power up and basic functionality only, and was not tested for complete functionality. If a component is not identified in this report, it was not inspected. No determination of stability characteristics or inherent structural integrity has been made or implied in this report.

As far as could be determined at the time of this survey by the above methods of inspection notwithstanding the exclusions listed and including normal wear and tear , this vessel appears to be in satisfactory structural, operational, and safe condition for its intended use as a recreational yacht in and near and offshore waters, and when moored in marinas when properly equipped, maintained, operated with good seamanship including regard to weather conditions and reports, follow prudent navigation practices, and the findings, deficiencies, observations, and recommendations at the end of this report are complied with.

This survey is a factual report, conducted in good faith with the condition of the vessel given as a professional unbiased opinion of the undersigned surveyor who has no personal interest in this vessel.

This initial survey statement of opinion is personal and confidential to my client, “Mr. Charles Lawson” exclusively, and has no extended warranty or implications if disposed of, used by, or sold to a third party for any purpose. This survey is only a statement of opinion at the time of the survey and implies no guarantees, warranties, inventory accountability, or safeguards against latent defects, subsequent defects, or defects not found at the time of the survey in woodwork or areas that are inaccessible, or not mentioned in this report. The services rendered herein and the report furnished herewith are done with the distinct understanding that the undersigned surveyor performed his duties to the best of his abilities under the

circumstances with the time allotted an instructions provided by the buyer, Mr. Lawson. The attending surveyor therefore is not responsible nor liable under any circumstances whatsoever for any error, omission, negligence, or failure to properly perform the requested services.

Survey Standards

This survey was conducted using standards found in the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations and Amendments (CFR’s) title 46 and title 33 as applicable and as enforced by the U.S. Coast Guard, the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) standards, SOLAS regulations, National Fire and Protection Association rules and regulations found in NFPA-302, Fire Protection Standard for Pleasure and Commercial Motor Craft 2010 ed., Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and other Federal, State, and Local agency standards as appropriate which are named and specific references identified in this report.

General Survey Information

Vessel name / Hailing port: “Nauti Gal” / Poulsbo, WA

Vessel previous names: “N/A”

Home port / marina: Poulsbo, WA

State number: WN 441 RH Registration: 2015

Hull I.D. No. CHB410550881 Official No. 644758 Net tons: 18 Photos or hull rubbings included in report: Yes, photo of hull I.D.

Type of vessel: Recreational yacht
Year manufactured / location: 1981 / Taiwan Builder: Chung Hwa Boatworks (CHB) Designer: Ed Monk

Hull design / shape: Semi – displacement, deep-V bow entry, forward spray chine, teak swim platform, partial FRP rub rail, continuous mahogany trim piece from bows to transom, port and stbd. gunwale access, underwater exhaust

Hull material: Laminated fiber reinforced plastic (FPR), bidirectional and unidirectional materials, core cell solid laminate below water line

Framing: Full length hull girders, thwart ship girders with high density foam core, cored structural bulkheads padded at hull and bonded Hull to deck, overheads to cabins bonded with FRP and fasteners.

Decking and superstructure: Laminated FRP using bi and uni-directional materials, cored cell sandwich, teak main decking, deck fastened to hull with hardware and FRP, radar mast with canvas soft top fly bridge.


(1) Master suite aft: parquet flooring, walk around centerline Queen bed , en suite head, sink, mini tub / shower , closet, built in storage chest of drawers, various other drawer and under bed storage, diesel wall mounted heater

(1) Bunk room fwd.: 2 bunk beds and hanging locker to stbd., night stand and storage to port, sink and head.

Marine Heads: total (2) type III in separate heads as listed above, lined up to holding tank and secured from discharging overboard.

Dimensions: Length: 41 ft. - 00 inches LOA: 44 ft. – 06 inches Beam: 15 ft. - 00 inches

Hydrostatic data: Displacement: 26,000 lbs. dry Maximum Draft: 4 ft. - 00 inches

Propulsion: (2) Ford Lehman 120 hp each, 3400 hours
Cruise speed: 7-10 knots Max speed: 10-12 knots
Thrusters: N/A
Type of survey: Condition and Valuation Purpose of survey: Obtain Insurance

Location of survey and weather: Liberty Bay Marina | Poulsbo, WA | o’cast skies, NW wind 6 kts., 500F

Survey requested by:Owner Contact information: sundaymorning2@hotmail.com

Afloat: Dive inspection: By local diver, bottom is very good condition, 70% zinks left.

Intended use of vessel: Recreational inshore, near and offshore yacht.

Documented use of vessel: Yacht Operational endorsement(s): Recreational

Documentation onboard:
Licenses: None Certificates / Official number: 644758 Net tons: 18

Hull I.D. CHB410550881

Official Number Net tonnage

Exterior description of hull and superstructure

This is a Chung Hwa Boatworks 41 foot pilothouse design tri-cabin trawler manufactured in 1981 in Taiwan White hull, 28,000 pound displacement (dry) semi - displacement hull and white superstructure are fiber reinforced plastic, (FRP), with foam cored decks and cabin top that are completed with teak and non- skid for safe transit on exterior decks. Bow is sharply flared with shear extending to a plumb transom. Transom is fitted with a permanently attached stationary teak swim platform with port, starboard, and stern hinged open rail access. Vessel name “Nauti Gal” is on fly bridge aluminum fairing aft of each running light. Hull identification number is embossed in to the FRP on the stbd. side of the gunwale aft. P & S 2 inch fuel fills are located midship, water fills on the stern, waste pump out on port quarter. Mahogany rails with stainless steel stanchions are fitted around the entire vessel for safety. Entry in to the pilothouse can be made through either port or stbd. sliding wood doors. The bow is fitted

with a foot pedal controlled windlass and 45# CQR galvanized anchor with estimated 300 ft. of galvanized 5/16” high test chain. Bow is also fitted with 1 square glass marine hatch on the centerline on the bow above forward bunk room. Running lights, anchor light, stern light, and forward facing dual air horns tested satisfactory. Navigation lights are properly mounted and in compliance with all navigation rules of the road. 3 forward facing windshields each have their own windshield wiper. 30 amp shore power is connected on stbd. side with 30 amp 125 volt “Smart Plug” connection that clamps the plug securely in place. Moisture meter readings around most of the windows and fly bridge sun decking aft were elevated indicating possible water intrusion. Wood decking, especially aft, likely had water intrusion underneath. Minimal marine growth was observed on the hull from the dock only.

Interior description

Entry to the salon is through port side sliding wood door aft or sliding wood door outboard of helm station. Galley is aft on stbd. side with 3 burner CNG stove / oven, refrigerator / freezer, stainless sink, and micro wave oven. L settee and table forward on the port side. Helm station is located on stbd. side. Wrap around wood trimmed windows provide good visibility, with mini blinds for privacy. Salon decking is wood parquet with access hatches to the engine room. Salon overhead is padded marine grade vinyl with wood grab rails.

Pilot House Equipment and controls

Pilot House Equipment and controls





Navigation system


Nav net vx 2 C-map nt max






West marine

580 with Distress: MMSI 338057728


Compass, magnetic


6 inch




Nav net vx 2 C-map nt max


Auto pilot

Si Tex





Morse Control






Rudder angle indicator



Fuel, water, Holding tank monitors



Bilge pumps (2)


12 vDC


Engine room fixed fire fighting

Halon 1301

Yes, temp. activated

(Cont. on next page)

Navigation lights Navigation lights


Side, running, masthead, stern anchor


Horns, air (2)



12 vDC and 110v AC breaker, control, and monitor service panel


HBC custom design


Anchor windlass controls

Foot pedal

12 v


Flying Bridge Equipment and Controls





Navigation system and depth

Garmin GPS

498 Map








Compass, magnetic


4 inch


Auto pilot

Si Tex





Morse Control






Horns, air (2)


Rudder angle indicator



Fly bridge equipment and controls

Owner’s stateroom

Owner’s stateroom is aft with queen size walk around bed en suite head, sink, shower with mini tub, and diesel fired heater Stainless. Marine grade hatch over bed is water tight.

Guest bunk room forward

The forward berth has 2 bunk beds, night stand, closet and built in storage, head and sink. Marine grade hatch on centerline is water tight.

All pumps, piping, ventilation equipment, and wiring accessible from deck panels were found to be in good condition, wired and plumbed to ABYC standards and without any deficiencies. Minimal water was observed in the bilges. Chain locker was dry.

Propulsion machinery

Main engines: Ford Lehman Fuel: Diesel
Age / history: 1981 / Original Last serviced: Current
Engine hours: 3400 Cylinders: 6 in line
Stbd. engine: s/n: D1298/45 model: 2175E Rated HP: 120 Port engine: s/n: Rated HP: 120

Speed: Cruising 7.5 - 10 kts.
Engine, transmission, shaft, framing, and mounts: Good, very little vibration Transmissions: Velvet drive, model unk., ratio unk. (unable to read nameplate) Serial No. Stbd. 10 13 000 006 Port 10 18 000 005
Exhaust system: Wet

4. Bilge levels, (2) 12v Rule pumps with automatic / manual switches Ventilation: Natural and fan
Fuel filters: Racor Oil filters: Detroit, Oil & coolant samples taken ? : No

Fuel tanks, supply & return connectors, fills, gauges

Main engine fuel: Quantity: (2), P /S Capacity.: 225 gallons total = 450 gal
Material /cond.: 1⁄4 inch Aluminum Shutoff: Yes Vented: Yes
Properly secured: Yes Grounded: Yes Connectors and fittings: Good – no leaks Fill lines: Good – no leaks, properly connected Grounded: Yes
Sight glass or gauges: gauges Sight gauge cutoff valves: N/A
High level /overfill alarms: N/A
Auxiliary fuel / quantity: Fuel in 2 tanks.

Water tanks, supply & return connectors, fills, gauges

Quantity: (2) Cap.: 150 gallons Material /cond.: Poly cross connected / good Shutoff: Yes Vented: Yes Properly secured: Yes
Connectors and fittings: Good – no leaks Fill lines: 2 inch, good – no leaks

Water system(s)

A. Fresh: Yes , Tanks: (2 Poly) , Pump(s) (2)
Manual: None Outlets: (1) galley, (2) heads, (2) sinks, (2)showers, (2) washdowns

Water heater: 15 gallon, 120v
Pressure relief? Yes 150 psi Ignition protected: Yes

Waste system(s)

Marine head(s) (black water): (2) Jabsco plumbed to (1) 40 gallon holding tank with 12 VDC pump-out to shore or overboard via wye valve.
(1) 12 v holding tank discharge pump
in compliance: Yes

Gray water management: 40 gallon holding tank In compliance: Yes
Vessel specific Waste Management Plan posted in heads and in galley.
Annex V Marpol Treaty waste regulations stickers posted in heads and in galley.

Shaft(s), Struts, Bearings, Seals, Anodes, Couplings

Shafts: Mfg.: (2) Aqua met 1.75 inch diam. Material: Stainless Steel (22HS) Struts and bearing(s): unobs.
Shaft seal: shaft glands
Shaft anodes: unobs. Coupling(s): Flexible couplings

Propeller (s), Hub(s) Propellers: unobs. Material: N/A

Size: N/A

Condition /coating: Diver says excellant

Steering and maneuvering system (s)

No. of helm stations: (2) Wheel type(s): Consoles
Type of equipment: Hydraulic assist Rudder(s): unobs.
Emergency steering capability? : Yes, emergency tiller. Thrusters: N/A
Stabilizers: N/A Kelp cutters: unobs.
Trim tabs: unobs.

Ground Tackle

Bow Anchor(s): (1) CQR 45 pound galvanized
Windlass: 12v controlled by foot pedals on bow.
Chain and rode: 300 ft. 5/16” inch galvanized HT chain
Chain locker condition: Chain locker is dry, chain in good condition Spare anchor(s): spare sighted

Corrosion control

Zincs: 70% Diver., Shaft mounted Condition / wastage: unobs. Bonding system: Passive Ground plate / galvanic isolator: (1) Cathode monitor: None Other systems: none

Through hull fittings at or below the waterline

Thru hull fittings: bronze with stainless ball
Sea cocks: bronze with stainless ball: 2 @ 1.5 inch exercised satisfactory Exhaust: Underwater exhaust system
Sea strainers: bronze No leaks observed in engine room
Through hull fittings noted to be very close to water line - Recommend through hulls raised to above water line.


Dewatering system(s) Bilge pumps: (2) Rule 12 v DC automatic / manual

Condition of bilges

Minimal debris with little water. No signs of any damage, leaks, or potential pollution concerns. Engine room bilge pump automatic float switch tested satisfactory and pump did pump.

Electrical Systems

Description of service, power distribution / monitoring, and methods of charging:

Original 110 AC & 12 V DC systems with custom CHB electrical service panel, stranded tinned copper wiring, and CHB connections consisting of equipment switches, circuit breakers, indicator lights, AC & DC volt meters, Cole Hersee battery selector switch at lower helm station and Guest battery selector ON/ OFF switch in engine room, DC & AC Main breakers

Properly connected and secured: Yes
Main Disconnect: Rotary and breaker switches Grounded: Yes Circuit protection: Breakers and fuses
DC Wiring: Insulated stranded tinned copper
Ventilation: Forced fan for Air conditioning and heat

12 vDC and 110v AC Service panel in pilot house

(1) Engine starting 8D batteries (1) Generator starting batteries (4) House batteries

Generator(s): (1) 8kW, Westerbeke diesel, 1003 hours

Entertainment Equipment

New Sony XR-7280 am-fm-cd and New Pioneer 6 cd changer with Pioneer marine speakers

Heating / Air conditioning /Yes

Primary: Diesel fired heaters
Secondary: 120v Electric wall panel heaters

Galley Equipment

Stove: Seaward / 3 burner CNG stove and oven with cutoff switch tested satis. Refrigerator / freezer: Norcold, refrigerator / freezer
Sink: single basin stainless steel
Other: Microwave, Panasonic, 1.2 cubic foot

Compressed Natural Gas System(s)

(2) Compressed Natural Gas cylinders are located under helm station on the flying bridge. One is connected and one is a spare. Cylinder connected has a working pressure gauge and regulator. The cutoff switch in the galley was tested satisfactory. Both cylinders are well secured.

Fire and Safety Control

Extinguishers: size / type / location / charge / date tested:
(3) 5 # USCG approved ABC / dry chemical / state rooms, and galley/ all full charge / inspection dates not recent.

Automatic system(s): (1) Halon 1301 automatically heat activated in engine room / full charge / No recent inspection tag or date posted.

Safety and SOLAS Equipment

VHF radio(s): VHF radio has DSC emergency signal capability
PFD’s: (4) Type III adult offshore , (4) Type III adult universal near shore Rescue: (1) Life ring as required
Handheld Flares: (4) exp. Nov. 2015 Flare gun charges:
Navigation Rules of the Road sighted near main helm station

A) Smoke or CO alarms: not sighted
B) Offshore Medical or First Aid kits: 2 C) Emergency tiller in lazarette.
D) Ship’s bell: Brass Antique
E) Search light: not sighted (may be portable unit)

Findings, Observations, and Recommendations

Safety and regulatory findings to be addressed to consider the vessel safe to operate in its intended capacity, and to be in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations and laws.

  1. Engine room bilge pump did activate manually from helm station, automatic float switch did activate the pump and the pump did pump.

Estimated fair market value: $ 79,000.00 USD Above average condition.

Replacement value with like new vessel: $ 175,000.00 USD

Estimated Fair Market Value represents an amount in U.S. dollars that a willing and well informed buyer would pay a willing and well informed seller in an open

market when neither party is compelled or motivated by outside sources to buy or sell when given a reasonable amount of time to complete the transaction.

Replacement value with in kind vessel represents the value of this vessel with Findings, Observations, and Recommendations resolved in a satisfactory manner consistent with marine industry standards.

Replacement Value with like new vessel is the estimated cost to replace this vessel with a similar new vessel. In some cases a vessel is no longer in production and the estimation is based on similar new vessels that are available.

Values are based on actual selling prices of similar vessels in various marketing and pricing guides such as Yachtworld – Sold Boats , BUC, NADA, similar vessels listed for sale, the availability of the vessel, the region it is being sold, and the opinions of other professionals consulted within the marine industry. In this particular case, this vessel is one of the better outfitted and maintained vessels in its class. The values listed in this survey are the opinion of the undersigned surveyor and are not to be considered as absolute.


The services rendered herein and the report furnished herewith are done with the distinct understanding that the undersigned surveyor conducted this survey based to the best of his ability and in a truthful, unbiased manner and is therefore not responsible nor liable under any circumstances whatsoever for any error, omission, negligence, or failure to properly perform the requested services, and that all matters and statements in this report constitute statements of opinion only, and are not to be construed as representing warrantees, guarantees, representations, or basis for contract negotiations.




Hello, I am the owner and I have made 2 Trips to the San Juan Islands during the last 2 summers and tons of fun. Friday Harbor, Roach Harbor. Anchored up in many coves for a 3 weeks. This Vessel runs great. Easy for me to handle and dock with no help. I do live in the Rancho Mirage area, near Palm Springs Calif. So not easy to visit the vessel much anymore as I would like. SO that is why I am moving the vessel down to San Diego. It is Morro Bay right now. So buy it there if you like. I am now 77 and soon to be 78 and our interest has changed and probably time to do some different things. I guess we want to travel more. Her words?

This vessel handles inshore or offshore water with ease. A fun nice size cruiser.

1) Flybridge canvas is decent on the top portion. The sides (if needed) need to be replaced. But many vessels like this have no top canvas. This one has decent Dark Blue top canvas with like new stainless frame.

2) Engines have always been well maintained. Oil and Air filters changed often that's what keeps these great engines running for a very long time. They can run 10,000 to 15,000 hrs before re-build if kept in great condition. These great diesel engines in it now are in top shape.

3) The large Radar/GPS/Depth finder/Fish finder is really in very good condition and just works great. Has auto pilot just set the setting to where you want to go.

4) It is listed with a broker for $83,500 - $79,500 But it is an open listing so I can sell myself without the broker. You buy from me and save a ton. I am 77 now and not as easy for me. Plus I am now in the Palm Springs area in Calif that's is why I am bringing it to San Diego.

So a super deal for you. Buy from me for $63,500 right now, (price will go up once I start working on it). But I need to sell. The vessel is now in Morro Bay and soon in Santa Barbara than on to San Diego, after some fishing in the Channel Ialands.

Deck in great shape. Sides below deck in great shape with 2 year old paint, looks great. Diver just cleaned the bottom and replaced the zincs. Needs a few spots repainted above the windows, not a big deal. I could do that whole thing in one week or two if I had the time and good weather.I did sand and redo some teak and both doors are ready for varnish, But I don't have the time now. So big savings for you. Low hours 3600 on engines. They can run 10-20,000 or more if cared for before rebuild.

Inside in good condition, just added new trpoical curtains in master statroom. Needs nothing to travel. . Spring and summer boating season is here now!

CALL ME NOW 805-637-9748