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I have owned and since the beginning of the internet many years ago. I am getting older now and slowing down now and time to enjoy life and not work so hard. Your turn. These websites addresses have served me well in the past. Now I will turn over the reins to someone who can also have some fun with them. It is a great draw for many reasons. They are now FOR SALE. Good luck to the high bidder. I have had over 30million visitors to both the sites. They can be rebuilt again. I have people from China wanting to buy them many years ago. But I was not interested to sell them, now I am.

This site for sale - Bidding will start off at: $150,000.00

This site for sale - Bidding will start off at: $150,000.00

This site for sale - Bidding will start off at: $150,000.00 This also includes, Or best offer.

This site for sale - Bidding will start off at: $25,000.00 or best offer.

eMail me any offers or bids at:

 Ok, but in the mean time I am going to publish somethings here.


Lets make this a blog!

My name is Captain Chuck. I received my first U.S.C.G. Coast Guard License in 1985. Yep, I'm not young, BUT I am not old either and still very healthy. I am a low handicap golfer and I still win tournaments. I used to be a very good tennis player and now I am thinking about getting back into it. I belong to a local club, that has golf and tennis plus plus plus. Anyway I sold my last boat 44' Trawler a couple months ago. Feels weird not having a boat in my life. I think I have owned a boat for most of my adult life one size or another, but mostly larger boats? But my life is changing other things have taken some priorty, like working out a few times a week at the gym, golf, playing my guitar, playing my saxophone, playing my keyboard and working on my 8 websites. Phew, I am a busy guy. I want to do more music now? I want to write more songs.

So my websites have to go. These are great names with a great draw. I have a few more to sell and I will list them soon.



What an Adventure I have been desiging websites since the inception of the internet. I was there before the actualy websites came out. There was Information Only. Kind of started in a college I think? But if you tried to sell something you get flamed but thousands of people sending you so much email that is woudl totally block you out. you had to wait and don't do it again. Well I as well as I assume knew that commerce had to be coming soon. Clever people like oine guy was a writer. He wrote a story and put half of it on the internet. Many people loved it and wanted to read the rest of the story, he said sure. Sen me $10 and i will send it to you. That was perfectly legal, the beginning of commerce.