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Hers some good pics from the Bahamas and a video at the end/

782' Hatteras


Table I am working. 4 coats of Varnish so far.

Sunset Bahamas

Fish Statue



Cleaning Conch - Ooo so good.

Diving for Conch or Fish

Fuel Dock at Westend Bahamas

Lakeworth Florida anchored for the night before crossing to Bahamas

Anchored up at Walkers Cay Bahamas. Off to shore in dingy.

Where's baby? Hard to see my Shitzu "Margarita" on the chair.

Christmas Lights on the big boat and dingy along side. Florida.
After the big rain storm, yes they got fixed after.

Westend Bahamas. My dingy with crew going to get bait.

Westend and getting ready to head out to Green turtle Cay, Bahamas.

Walkers Cay. About the only building (Church) left standing after the Hurricane destoryed the Island.
Walkers Cay Northern most of the Islands of the Bahamas, used to be the #1 place for big Fishing Tournaments.
It is very close to the third largest reef