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Hello and welcome - I want to have manysubjects here of course they are FOR YOU FOR EVERYONE. We need discusstion here.

1) Medical
2) Automotive Related
3) Work Related
4) CNC Stuff Golf / Debates
5) Tennis
6) Boats
7) Religon Debates

I have owned since the beginning of the internet many years ago. I am getting older now and slowing down now and time to enjoy life and not work so hard. These websites addresses have served me well in the past. I am now going to really expand all categories. I want some real feedback and discussion Lets get out what, you the visitor, want to talk about. I want you to be heard.

Here aew some of my other websites - All under construction.


Ok, lets get serious here!

No, really. I want this site to be YOUR site.


I am making blogs and have many blogs about many things. If you don'e see what you are interested then let me know, thanks. These guys were the best in their day. You can acheve what you want if you try.


My name is Captain Chuck. I received my first U.S.C.G. Coast Guard License in 1985. Yep, I'm not young, BUT I am not old (mentally or physcally) either and still very healthy. I am a low handicap golfer and I still win golf tournaments. I used to be a very good tennis player and now I am thinking about getting back into it again. I belong to a local club, that has golf and tennis plus plus plus. Anyway feels weird not having a boat in my life. I think I have owned a boat for most of my adult life one size or another. But my life is changing other things are taking some priorty, like working out a few times a week at the gym, golf, playing my guitar, playing my saxophone, playing Poker, playing my keyboard and working on my 6 websites. Phew, I am a busy guy. I want to do more music now? I want to write more songs. Life is short, so do what you want as soon as you can. Don't put off until tomorrow what you can at least start today.




Don't mess with me. . . . .

What an Adventure this has been

I have been desiging websites since the inception of the internet. I was there before the actualy websites came out. There was Information Only. Kind of started in a college I think? But if you tried to sell something you get flamed but thousands of people sending you so much email that it would totally block you out for awhile. You had to wait and don't do it again. Well I as well assumee ecommerce had to be coming and soon. Clever people like one guy was a writer. He wrote a story and put half of it on the internet. Many people loved it and wanted to read the rest of the story, he said sure. Send me $10 and i will send it to you. That was perfectly legal, but also the beginning of ecommerce.